Wedding Gallery

Wedding Gallery

When two hearts join as one in solemn vow before God, loved ones and friends, loves ultimate promise is fulfilled. This magic moment will never repeat itself in the couples lifetime. As the two lives are joined in body, mind and soul we as professional photographers will be there to capture this very special moments forever !!   Below is a few samples in our wedding gallery to reflect these special moments.

Wedding Gallery Samples

This wedding gallery will change from time to time with the addition of new content and more recent weddings. Please bookmark this page to return to our wedding gallery for the latest updates.

Wedding Gallery Showcase

We also have another website, Digital Photo Art, where we showcase the latest weddings, also in a wedding gallery, of the couples for a period of time. We then send you the link which you can distribute between all your friends and relatives for viewing the very next day. We can also publish some of your photo’s on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

All of the above “Photo Publishing” will ONLY be done with the full permission of the couple.